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Anita Charlot
Your Dating and Relationship Coach
“Anita is truly extraordinary! I have been single for over a year now and wanted to truly seek advice as to how I can remain assertive, keep my integrity, and be in a healthy and loving relationship. She exudes self-confidence and is such a positive light to any situation. I am truly happy I know her and I am blessed to now be in a fun-loving committed relationship now with just a few magic tips she shared with me.” (Update, engaged and preparing for a dream wedding in Paris – Summer 2017) Roxi H.

“I am a true SAFI (Strong and Fiercely Independent Woman) I have been in an unhealthy relationship for the past 11 years. I say unhealthy because of my insecurities that have caused a strain in my relationship. Anita really made me realize my worth and taught me different exercises to implement with my significant other. I have seen a difference in my relationship. Her advice was so helpful and I love that she speaks from her own experiences. Thanks to Anita, every day I strive to be a SAFI (Strong and Fiercely Independent Women). (Update – As of February 2017 Cindy recognized her worth and ended her relationship. Not because she didn’t love him anymore, but because she loved HERSELF more and realized that she deserved more.) Cindy E.

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