It's time Black women started feeling comfortable in their own skin and stand in their genius!

It’s my mission to help women of color…

  • Navigate the corporate space
  • Have the quality of life and love that they’ve always wanted
  • Start the business/podcast they’ve always dreamed of
  • Write that book they’ve always wanted to write
  • Be a guest on podcasts that speak to their target audience
  • And increase their confidence so that they can stand firm in their genius

…all begins with identifying and healing past pain, trauma, and the dreaded “imposter syndrome.”

For my white friends and colleagues…

I’ve also formally stepped into the role that I have played most of my life ~ being the safe black person that White people can go to ~ to ask questions about the black community, uncover/identify their unconscious biases and then teach them how to be a true ally and ACTivate their privilege.

Working with both will help me achieve my mission to heal Corporate America.

The Hardest Two Years of My Life!

I’ve always prided myself on being the Black woman that White people could come to understand the Black culture; otherwise, how would you learn? Media? Television? *don’t believe everything you see and hear in the media*

In 2020, the senseless murders of my Black brothers and sisters were plastered all over the news, papers, and social media; I had to take time to process and nurture my own heart. In other words, I had to put my mask on before helping others.

It wasn’t just me that was hurting, confused, and disheartened; my White friends and colleagues were hurting, confused, and discouraged.

They couldn’t believe what they were seeing; they didn’t understand why we were so angry or realize there was a completely different history of Black people in America that they knew nothing of. They wanted desperately to understand and reached out to me for help.

In the midst of it all… I had nothing to give.

I was in pain. I didn’t know whom to trust; every non-Black person felt like a threat. I was terrified for ALL Black and Brown people.

During this time, I was in the middle of taking a course that explained the different types of trauma, with the unexpected side effect of ripping the bandaid off of my own. I once thought trauma was “just how it had to be,” but I soon learned that wasn’t true.

It was time to stand in my Blackness so that other women would feel safe to do so as well!

My background

I’ve been in the business of writing, speaking, training, and coaching on the subject of love and all forms of relationships since 1999!

Now, as a happily (re)married woman, a former domestic abuse survivor, and a Black woman in corporate America, I dedicate myself to coaching women on finding and using their voices to speak up about the imbalances and inequalities they face in the workplace. 

As a metaphysician, it’s so important that I practice what I preach. Taking the time to get to the root of my pain, begin the healing process, and then decide how I wanted to show up in the coaching space would be the advice I would have given to a client.

So to all of my White friends, colleagues, and those I have yet to meet who are ready to take the deep spiritual journey to become a frontline ally and how you can ACTivate Your Privilege!™; I am here to support you.

Listen, I will not sugarcoat a thing, but I will hold your hand through the growth process, call you on your privilege (and BS), and redirect your thoughts and efforts so that you are not just checking your DEI boxes in your organization.

It’s time to STOP playing with our emotions and do the right thing.

We need you!

I’m an author, professional speaker, creator of The Happy Executive Woman Podcast™, Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP), and CEO of Relationship Architect Academy. I provide 1:1 Executive Coaching programs, a Mastermind Group, courses, workshops, and retreats that taught women how to navigate their work, home and love lives with confidence and calm, all while being in command of their emotions.

I have over two decades of corporate, military, entrepreneurial, public speaking, and relationship coaching experience (including being a domestic abuse survivor). My willingness to share my story of pain to purpose, coupled with my “tell it like it is” style, gives other women (and men) a vision of what it looks and feels like when you find your voice, stand up for yourself and speak your truth.

Over the past 20+ years, I have held multiple leadership positions in corporate; Regional Management for a multi-million dollar consulting company, Senior Business Operations Analyst, and Senior Business Relationship Manager in the financial sector; Founder, CEO, CFO, CMO, CIO, CTO, CRO (and more) as an entrepreneur and a Non-Commissioned Officer in the United States Army Reserve.

I also hold several Board, Co-Chair, and Mentor positions for organizations and groups focused on career success, relationships, entrepreneurship, uncovering unconscious bias, diversity, equity, inclusion, and mentoring for women, young and experienced.

For the past two years, I have consistently worked on healing from my past traumas, understanding how trauma affects different people and learning the various forms of trauma and how to identify them, then apply them to the corporate space.

I also moved from the dating, relationship, and marriage coaching space to focusing more on corporate relationships, organization~employee, manager~employee, employee~employee, and how trauma plays out in the workplace.

I NEVER expected to be in this space; The more I leaned into this, the more it felt right in my spirit.

The women I have worked with walk away with the tools they need to heal from past trauma (personal and corporate), increase their confidence, manage their home, work, and love lives with confidence and calm, and then go on and advocate for themselves in all areas of their lives. 

Men walk away with awareness and understanding of their biases, helping to move them from the role of the oppressor to ally for women in both the office and their home environment. 

I even provide assistance in helping my clients find the right therapist to keep them from wasting time on someone that does not specialize in what their “spirit needs.” 

“Anita’s advice is what we need to hear.”

“Anita Charlot’s relationship advice may not be what we as women want to hear, but it is what we need to hear. It requires us to self-reflect and take ownership of our choices so that we can not only be healthier partners, but also healthier people.”

Dr. K E Garland, Award-winning author

dr ke garland testimonial

learn from anita

Having served over 10,000 women from the stage, in workshops, at retreats and in 1:1 executive coaching programs over the past twenty-plus years...

Anita has worked with clients, delivered keynote speeches, and facilitated retreats in-person and virtual audiences worldwide.

Her quick wit, tell it like it is persona, and infectious laughter keeps clients and organizations coming back for more.

Her willingness to be 100% authentic, including sharing stories of being a domestic abuse survivor, being black woman in corporate America and her “menopausal/hormonal journey,” leaves her clients feeling like they’ve known each other for years!

Book Anita

To have Anita speak to your organization, click the button to get started, and a member of her team will reach out to you shortly.

Helping you heal from past trauma, increase your confidence, and ACTivate Your Privilege!™ is not the work that I chose to do…

The work chose me, and I’m here for it all!

Live your life fully

Learn more about working with Anita to stand in your power and take back control of your personal and professional life.

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