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Start feeling appreciated at home and the office.

It is my desire to use ALL of my past experiences, both good and bad, to help executive high-performing women like you create balance in your lives without losing yourselves by putting others first.

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The Love of My Life!

I teach executive women how to identify the “spirit” of the man that is perfectly imperfect for them. He doesn’t need to match your resume, only your idea of what a relationship or marriage should be. I help you gain clarity on your ideal vision and then teach you how to manifest it into your life.

As a domestic abuse survivor and a woman who was used to playing small in my previous relationships, learning to trust again was a long, challenging journey.

However, after taking some time to get clear on the quality of life and love I wanted, I did the work! I not only attracted my wonderful husband, but I attracted a man that saw, accepted, respected, and honored ALL of me…even with all of my competing work and familial responsibilities.

He is a great balance for my dual-preneur nature and is the man that is “perfectly imperfect” for me. You can not only attract this into your life, but you can also “shift the energy” in your current relationship!

My background

I’ve been in the business of writing, speaking, training, and coaching on the subject of love and all forms of relationships since 1999!

Now, as a happily (re)married dual-preneur, a former domestic abuse survivor, and a black woman in corporate America, I dedicate myself to coaching women on finding and using their voice to speak up about the imbalances and inequalities they face in the workplace. I help women succeed in the corporate and the entrepreneurial sectors by teaching them how to determine what’s standing in the way of their success and give them the courage, permission, and tools they need to dare to be happy in business and in love.

I’m an author, professional speaker, creator of The Happy Executive Woman Podcast™, Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP), and CEO of Relationship Architect Academy. I provide 1:1 Executive Coaching programs, a Mastermind Group, courses, workshops, and retreats that teach women how to navigate their work, home and love lives with confidence and calm, all while being in command of their emotions.

I have over two decades of corporate, military, entrepreneurial, public speaking, and relationship coaching experience (including being a domestic abuse survivor). My willingness to share my story of pain to purpose, coupled with my “tell it like it is” style, gives other women (and men) a vision of what it looks and feels like when you find your voice, stand up for yourself and speak your truth.

anita charlot background

Over the past 20+ years, I have held multiple leadership positions in corporate; Regional Management for a multi-million dollar consulting company, Senior Business Operations Analyst, and Senior Business Relationship Manager in the financial sector; Founder, CEO, CFO, CMO, CIO, CTO, CRO (and more) as an entrepreneur and a Non-Commissioned Officer in the United States Army Reserve.

I also hold several Board, Co-Chair, and Mentor positions for organizations and groups focused on career success, relationships, entrepreneurship, uncovering unconscious bias, diversity, equity, inclusion, and mentoring for women, young, and experienced.

The women I have worked with walk away with the skills to help them find their way to being happy in business and love. 

Men walk away with awareness and understanding of their biases, helping to move them from the role of the oppressor to ally for women in both the office and their home environment. 

I currently live in Oak Park, IL, with my husband and dog Lyzah Manelli.

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“Anita’s advice is what we need to hear.”

“Anita Charlot’s relationship advice may not be what we as women want to hear, but it is what we need to hear. It requires us to self-reflect and take ownership of our choices so that we can not only be healthier partners, but also healthier people.”

Dr. K E Garland, Award-winning author

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learn from anita

8,000+ students taught in workshops

Anita has worked with clients, delivered keynote speeches, and facilitated retreats in-person and virtual audiences worldwide.

Her quick wit, tell it like it is persona, and infectious laughter keeps clients and organizations coming back for more.

Her willingness to be 100% authentic, including sharing stories of her “menopausal/hormonal journey,” leaves her clients feeling like they’ve known each other for years!

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“Anita has been a great help bringing my sexiness back.”

“Anita is incredible! She work really made me feel vibrant and alive again. It spiced up my sex life AND rekindled my marriage.”

Zhane Kareen, Oklahoma City, OK

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Teaching you how to navigate your home/work/love life with confidence and calm all while being in command of your emotions is not just a slogan…

It’s what I do in my own personal life on a daily basis.

Live your life fully

Learn more about working with Anita to take back control of your personal and professional life.

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