Walk confidently in the direction of the life you REALLY want!

coaching programs with anita charlot

Take your personal, professional life or allyship to the next level!

I see you.

You want to be recognized for the woman that you are.

You’ve reached a certain level in your career but can’t seem to break through to the next level.

Maybe you’ve recently decided that you can no longer put up with being disrespected, talked down to, or passed over again and again.

Perhaps the past couple of years of social unrest have you questioning everything and everyone.

You are starting to see just how battered and bruised you are from years, decades of corporate trauma and are ready to do something about it.

Maybe you are a white “ally” that is just now waking up to systemic racism against black women, and you need a safe place to talk about it. 

No matter where you are along the spectrum of personal development, I’m here to help!

You do not have the time to commit to a multi-month program, but you need!

This is where I come in.

By booking a One-Time Intensive, you get to address your most pressing issues and get support, guidance, healing, strategy, advice, etc., all in one day.

You walk away with an individualized plan for moving forward to a “happier place” in business, corporate space, home, or relationships.

—You get the support you need to stop feeling under-appreciated at home and the office.

—You have a safe space to ask questions about the black community and challenge your privilege.

—You learn how to stand in your power, find…then use your voice to advocate for yourself.

—You determine what you REALLY want and learn how to get it.

—You get advice and suggestions on how to start/run a business, write/publish/promote your book, start/record/promote your podcast, attract or improve your personal relationships, etc.

It’s YOUR session; we will cover what is most important to you!

We’re a good fit if you’re an executive woman who...

Is ready to stand firm in who she is without allowing the micro-aggressions and corporate trauma cause you more trauma and pain.

Has devoted your life to your company, business, family or oganizations and realizes that it’s time you did something…just for you!

Is a leader in your industry yet you still suffer from Imposter Syndrome. Can run a business like a pro but can’t seem to shake the anger, pain and distrust you have for those that don’t look like you.

experience is the best teacher and honey, i've walked many paths before you!

Could you benefit from living the life you've always wanted!?!?!? ABSOLUTELY!

Whether you need clarity on relationships, business/podcast strategy, build your confidence, heal from workplace trauma, or need a safe space to uncover your unconscious bias and privilege, I’m here for you.

Doing this type of work with someone that has lived the experience is the best way to get to the root of your challenges and discover ways to live a life full of grace and ease.

Why work with me?

My passion is helping women, just like you, heal from past personal and corporate trauma using practical and spiritual methods. 

As a dual-preneur, I can also help you identify ways to get more done for your business in less time.

As an author, I can help you take your book from idea-to-published.

As the host of a podcast that ranks in the Top 10% of almost 3 Million podcasts globally, I can teach you how to create YOUR podcast, increase your chances of being a guest on other podcasts, and how identify the right podcasts to target for your intended audience.

Taking a step in the direction you want your life to always brings up many emotions, pain, and insecurities.

You will begin to ask yourself, “who are you for thinking you deserve to have more?” This is why it’s so important to have support during these times of transition. There is always healing work that needs to be done.

Embarking on this healing journey is not easy, and you need someone to hold a safe space for you while holding you accountable.

All this can be done according to your schedule via your computer, no matter where you are in the world!

Do you get to have what you want, no matter what?

Absolutely, and I’m here to show you how!

Become the woman you've always wanted to be

It's Time for Change

As a relationship and leadership development coach for over 30 years, I have helped hundreds of women at the top of their industry navigate their competing work and home responsibilities confidently and calmly, all while being in command of their emotions.

I have also helped white friends and colleagues identify their unconscious biases and become better allies. I am the black person that they can count on to… 
“keep it 100” at all times.

I can help you…

— Uncover and work through any limiting or self-sabotaging behaviors that keep you from recognizing your greatness

— Heal from personal and corporate trauma so you can “feel safe” in relationships again.

— Show up as your authentic self in the workplace and have it work in your favor

— Attract the quality of love that you want into your life (or shift the energy in your current relationship)

— Save you time and money by sharing the systems and strategies I use to run/promote my business, podcast, and books.

take back control of your emotional life

Write Your Own Life Story!

As a happily married dual-preneur for over 20 years, I have helped hundreds of women at the top of their industry navigate their competing work and home responsibilities with confidence and calm, all while being in command of their emotions.

You CAN do it too and…

— Uncover and work through any limiting or self-sabotaging behaviors that keep you from recognizing your greatness

— Manage up if the person that you report to is a micromanager

— Show up as your authentic self in the workplace and have it work in your favor

— Attract the quality of love that you want into your life (or shift the energy in your current relationship)

— Determine whether or not you should stay in your current relationship and how to plan your exit strategy if you decide that you don’t want to

Which Option Works Best for You?

One-Time Intensive

Full-day Intensive to include breaks:

– Delivered Via ZOOM or in person if local to Chicago (travel and expenses not included)

– A detailed plan of action at the end of your intensive

– 2-week email support and follow-up after your intensive

It’s YOUR intensive; you can choose what you want to focus on.

Investment $2,500

Healing From Corporate Trauma

Depending on the Healing Journey you choose:

– Monthly Video Sessions

– Text and email support in between sessions.

– Tailored practical and spiritual concepts and exercises to help you move from where you are to where you want to be, both personally and professionally.

– Private folder to share documents

– Free ticket to 1 live or virtual event

– Brunch with Anita in Chicago 9 and 12-month journeys only (travel and accommodations not included)

For My Black & Brown Sisters™ Mastermind Community
  • Monthly Membership
  • 1 – Formal Training Per Month
  • Weekly Office Hours
  • Guest Speakers
  • Masterclasses
  • Exclusive Events & Retreats
  • Private Facebook group
    Support & Accountability
  • Online Membership Portal
Looking for a speaker for your next event?
Click the button below to fill out the request form, and a member of my team will respond within 48 hours.

work together

What happens after you click the button?

You fill out an application form and we meet to decide if we are a good fit.

If approved, you receive an email with the contract/invoice, and then we schedule a time that works for both of us.

Should you join the Mastermind Community or register for an Executive Coaching Program?

choose this option...

For My Black and Brown Sisters™ Mastermind Community

— If you cold benefit from being a part of a strong sisterhood of love, support, and authentic relationships that believe in collaboration over competition.

— You’re interested in operating in a safe container of other women that have had similar life experiences as you. From dating, to motherhood, to divorce, to business and the corporate arena, this space is for you!

— You’d like to begin building a pipeline of women of color and businesses owned by women of color to support, recommend and collaborate with. 

— Where you are listened to, supported, provided suggestions, and encouraged to stand in agreement for the things you want to manifest into your life, and share experiences

— If you are a woman that is open to healing through her past trauma and pain in order to get to where you want to be, with a little “baggage” as possible.

or choose this option...

1:1 Executive Coaching Programs

— You get a partner in Anita, who walks with you every step of the way.

— You get your coach on speed-dial to “put your frustrations” in real-time so you get it out and get on with your day.

— You get access to your private portal with previous video/audio recordings so that you focus on communicating your needs, challenges and receiving feedback in the moment…without worrying about taking notes simultaneously.

— You enjoy attending Exclusive VIP Executive Women’s Retreats that not only feed your soul but help you fellowship with other women on a mission just like you.

kim bullock-hennix testimonial

“Anita Charlot is fascinating when it comes to learning new skills and self-love.”

“She enhances marriages and relationships nationwide and has done wonders for the 8000+ group members in Ambitious Woman. I highly recommend her to assist you in any areas you may need a rejuvenation or healing in your life.”

Kim Bullock-Hennix, Lifestyle & Abundance Coach

question mark

Frequently Asked Questions

With over two decades of professional background encompassing roles as a leadership development coach, CEO, senior management positions within corporate America, and service as a sergeant in the US Army Reserve, my career trajectory has been both diverse and enriching. Beyond my professional journey, I’ve amassed over 30 years of personal experiences that have deeply informed my coaching philosophy. These experiences include navigating life as a single mother, overcoming domestic violence, thriving as a dual entrepreneur, experiencing the world of dating extensively, and fulfilling the role of caregiver to an aging parent, all culminating in a fulfilling marriage. These varied life roles have been integral to the development of my coaching programs.

My lived experiences as a Black woman in America have underscored the significant impact of societal conditioning and the inherent desire for recognition on both our personal and professional demeanor. The internal struggle with feelings of being undervalued, unsupported, unseen, and unworthy can manifest externally, hindering our path to success.

As someone who has navigated the complexities of corporate America as a Black woman, I possess a profound understanding of the challenges faced by my Black and Brown counterparts—the relentless pursuit of inclusion, often met with barriers to full acceptance.

All these skills and my varied background provide the complete package that helps you navigate your home, work, and love life confidently and calmly while being in command of your emotions.

Integrity is a big part of both my personal and business core values. Therefore, I don’t want you to invest in the program if you don’t fully believe that you are ready or will have the best investment return.

The beautiful thing is that as long as you are a member, you will have ongoing access. So no matter when you can “find time” in your schedule, the calls and courses will be right there for you.

The monthly calls are scheduled and recorded, so you will know the day and time to block in your calendar, and if you can’t make it, no worries, the calls are recorded and available for you to listen to at your leisure.

The real transformation occurs when you can listen in on the call, and you take back what you’ve learned and practice it in your own life. Nothing changes until YOU change. You will also have the opportunity to send your question/situation ahead of time, and I will provide feedback during the call.

It takes time to understand your current situations, identify and “grow through” any limiting behaviors and then plan for and implement lasting changes in your work, home, and love life to get the results you want.

Absolutely! Congratulations on your achievements!!! Having made it to the top, I know firsthand that you now have a new stress level. Finding the right balance between your career and personal life has been challenging. The guilt, the comparison, the missed family events, the late nights, the second-guessing yourself, the imposter syndrome…sound familiar? In my coaching programs, you can relax.

You don’t have to be the “boss,” You can sit back and experience the happiness of taking off your Superwoman cape and allowing someone else to save you for a change.

Executive women like you are used to hiring the right person, consultant, or agency to delegate projects to; signing up for a coaching program is doing the same thing, this time, for your emotional well-being.

Of course, it is. Being an executive woman is so much more than a title. It includes ALL women on a mission to be their best selves without the need to compromise their happiness. Whether it’s making decisions about a company or making decisions about her family, women are decision-makers—women who are leaders in their community, their circle, their church, etc.
You will no longer feel alone. You will have the support that you need to handle your business and personal matters with confidence and calm. No more over-reacting, no more allowing others to walk over you, no more wavering about how you should show up in any area of your life.

The level of results you will see will directly correlate to how much you put into the program. If you stay committed, do the work, attend the calls, reach out for assistance when you need it, you will see a significant transformation.

We do offer payment plans.

By providing them a safe space to discuss, ask questions and gain clarity around how they interact with people of color.

This isn’t easy to do as it means you will have to face some hard truths about yourself and your white fragility.

You will also learn the true meaning of Ally and decide which level of allyship you want to be a part of.

Being a member of the Mastermind Community is so that you can learn and grow from the questions that are presented to the group as a whole. 

Should you desire more personalized attention, I would invite you to register for one of the Executive Coaching Programs.

ask yourself

“What happens if I continue doing nothing?”

You don’t rise to the next level

You continue having stress, migraines, physical ailments

You keep existing instead of living a life that feeds your spirit or fulfills your purpose

You keep being continuously passed over for promotions or major projects and clients

Your relationships are still strained with significant others, children, extended family members

anita charlot happy executive

Ready to have full control of your life?

— Are ready to heal from corporate/workplace trauma and stand in your power again? Or maybe, for the first time?

— Are you ready to love and need help with identifying, attracting, and then keeping the right one?

— Are ready to uncover your hidden blocks to happiness in business and love?

— Are ready to heal your heart from past pain/abuse and learn how to trust and love again?


Stop navigating your world alone.

Work with Anita 

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