Navigating Gender Biases in Team Meetings: A Guide for Black and Brown Women

This week’s podcast looks candidly at the hurdles Black and Brown women face during team meetings, where gender biases can often leave them feeling sidelined. It is a must listen to for any woman of color navigating the corporate world and for leaders eager to create a more inclusive and vibrant team dynamic. See you inside…

Championing DEI in Corporate America: Beyond the Surface

If you are a leader committed to making DEI more than just a trend but a core pillar of your organizational success and culture, you want to listen to this episode. Join me inside to navigate the nuances of creating a workplace where every voice is heard and every individual in thrive.

Balancing the Scales: Achieving Work-Life Harmony as a Woman of Color

Welcome to this week’s podcast, where we focus on achieving a harmonious balance between professional commitments and personal life, particularly for Black and Brown women in the corporate world. Balancing these aspects can be a complex challenge, but it’s critical for success and well-being. We’ll explore practical strategies and real life examples to guide and … Read more

They Lied to You, Business IS Personal!

My philosophy, encapsulated in the tagline “They lied to you, business IS personal!” challenges this notion and brings a fresh perspective to corporate leadership and employee relations. Join me inside the episode to learn more…

Beyond the Boardroom: A Personal Guide to Creating Unbreakable Ties with Your Team

As you navigate the complexities of your leadership role, I invite you to consider a transformative approach that extends well beyond the confines of traditional management. This personal guide is tailored for you, a leader seeking to cultivate a workplace where every employee feels intrinsically valued and connected. See you inside…

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