You Can Only Lead to the Level of Your Personal Development


You Can Only Lead to the Level of Your Personal Development

by Anita Charlot

Listen to You Can Only Lead to the Level of Your Personal Development:

Leadership didn’t come naturally to me.

There were opportunities for me to step forward and high school. However, I chose to play it safe and not face the imaginary rejection. In college, things started to shift. First, being the captain of the dance team. Not only was this my first leadership position, but it was also the first opportunity I had to coach other women.

After that, the next role was President of Student Government, and those two led to being chosen as platoon sergeant in basic training.

Over the next several years, I would hone my leadership skills by managing people from all walks of life, with different personalities, religious and political beliefs, lifestyles, backgrounds, and those with generational trauma, and those inflicting racial trauma.

Join me inside the episode as I share with you my idea of what being a leader is.

See you inside…

What You Learn:

  • What makes a leader, what defines a leader
  • My personal journey into leadership
  • How a team suffers under poor leadership
  • The importance of leading to your level of personal development

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