Why Choose An Executive Relationship Coach for Women


Why Choose An Executive Relationship Coach for Women

by Anita Charlot

Listen to Why Choose An Executive Relationship Coach for Women:

I was once asked the question of “Why should women come to you for both Executive and Relationship Coaching vs. going to two separate coaches?” Great question and one that I will answer for you today here in this episode.

While there are good reasons to go to one or the other, there are benefits to working with a coach that has the combined skill. No different than going to a therapist specializing in several areas to help you manage your emotions through different lenses.

If you are like most executive women, hiring a coach or consultant is not a new concept. How many times have you hired an outside firm to help with team-building exercises; diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives; agile project management; taking your organization to the cloud, etc.? When they arrive, you expect them to understand the different systems you are currently using at your company and how they all work together to bring about the environment you want, right? In this episode, I will show you how working with an executive relationship coach is no different.

Join me on the podcast this week to learn all about my background. Listen in as I share my transformational journey with you over the past 20+ years and how blending my executive, military, domestic abuse survivor, and metaphysical experience sets me apart from the other coaches. I’m sharing a few personal stories of my own and a few client success stories to help you see how my various skills work together. It’s time you worked with a coach that understands you and has walked in your shoes before, whether they are stilettos or hiking boots.

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What You Learn:

  • Why making your future self proud in everything you do is so important.
  • Some tips for developing a stronger relationship with your future self.
  • Where I see too many women wrongly thinking of their future self as a stranger.
  • How I’ve developed a strong relationship with my future self, and how you can do the same for your future self.

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