Weathering the Storm of Life


Weathering the Storm of Life

by Anita Charlot

Listen to Weathering the Storm of Life:

I remember this day, roughly four years ago, I was standing on the train platform waiting for the train to go to work. I was on New York hours, so it was dark when I left home headed for the office.

I believe the temperature was between -10 to -15. If it was -17, we were then allowed to work from home, and as you can tell, this is probably pre-COVID.

Two years later, working from home became the norm. Companies are now trying to decide if people need to return to the office at all.

The weather changes, things change, circumstances change, and even policies change.

So why is it so difficult for you to change?

Join me inside the episode as I help walk you through why it is so difficult for you to change and the things that you can do to make change a little easier for you.

Do you feel like you’re always running? Like you can’t find time for the simplest things like self-care, grooming, or even quality time with your partner? As an executive woman with purpose and on a mission, you might feel like this all of the time. Several years ago when I realized that I didn’t have enough time for self-care or a relationship, I decided to determine where all of my energy was going. I created an energy wheel and followed a process that allowed me to see exactly where I was spending my energy. Once I knew where the energy was going, I gave myself permission to determine what really needed my attention, what I could cut back on, and what I could get rid of, if not forever, at least for the time being. And that’s what I want to give you, the gift of clarity with a side of permission. Follow this link to my free relationship energy wheel course and worksheet, and stop feeling like you’re all over the place. Reclaim your time and your energy today.

What You Learn:

  • Why change can be so difficult for all of us
  • That storms in life are unavoidable, we all have them!
  • How to weather the unpredictable in your life like a true Chicagoan
  • That I am here to support you through all the weather changes that come your way

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