Unresolved Trauma Follows You To The Office


Unresolved Trauma Follows You To The Office

by Anita Charlot

Listen to Unresolved Trauma Follows You To The Office:

A previous client of mine left her job due to a series of traumatic mental and emotional events. She suffered at the hands of a person in the highest leadership position at her organization.

Other allegations were made against him, and talk about his behavior had spread through the company, but she was the first to file a formal complaint.

She was made to look like the problem and received backlash stares and co-workers whispering whenever she came into the room. Colleagues she once hung out with began to avoid her, even though they had suffered at the hands of this man as well.

As women of color, they were afraid to speak up. They needed their jobs.

Join me inside this episode to learn what happened to her and her abuser, and how we partnered to help facilitate her healing and redemption.

See you inside…

What You Learn:

  • How your traumatic experience can follow you into your next position
  • The way to heal from your past trauma in order to move forward
  • That you are not alone!
  • How to reach out when you are ready for support

Featured on the Show:

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