They Lied to You, Business IS Personal!


They Lied to You, Business IS Personal!

by Anita Charlot

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There’s a longstanding belief in the corporate world that emotions and personal connections should be secondary to profits and productivity…

But this traditional view is outdated and needs revision.

My philosophy, encapsulated in the tagline “They lied to you, business IS personal!” challenges this notion and brings a fresh perspective to corporate leadership and employee relations.

Join me inside the episode to learn more…

What You Learn:

  • That employees are more than cogs in a machine; they are individuals with aspirations, emotions, and a need for connection and a vision for their future
  • Engaged employees feel valued and understood and are the backbone of a successful company
  • At Relationship Architect Academy, we offer personalized engagement strategies and professional growth opportunities
  • Why you should choose Relationship Architect Academy to transform your business and how it functions

Featured on the Show:

Anita Charlot, an esteemed ForbesBLK personality and Global Woman Award Nominee is a visionary retention strategist in corporate America. With a rich background as a military veteran and the founder of Relationship Architect Academy LLC, Anita is renowned for her R.E.A.L. Talk Conversation series, honored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

She transforms corporate cultures, fosters individual and collective growth, and crafting compassionate leaders.

Anita’s innovative approach is encapsulated in her mantra, “They lied to you; business IS personal.”

Committed to reviving the familial bond within workplaces, she aims to make companies a legacy for families, where employees passionately engage in their growth and development.

Anita is dedicated to bringing love back to the workplace, ensuring companies are not just a career choice but a cherished part of personal and family history.

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