The Journey of Finally Waking Up to Yourself


The Journey of Finally Waking Up to Yourself

by Anita Charlot

Listen to The Journey of Finally Waking Up to Yourself:

It’s been a great two years of transformation and growth for many women of color and a time of complete and utter chaos. Which end of the spectrum you landed on depended on your self-identity and self-worth before the pandemic and the George Floyd murder.

As a result, I stepped into my Blackness and stopped code-switching once I got to the office.

If a man could be murdered by the people who swore to protect them, what was the point of toning down my Blackness?

No amount of playing nice or being the safe Black woman in corporate America would make up for the color of my skin. By hue alone, I would never be safe or fully accepted.

Join me inside the episode as I share what waking up to my truth looked like for me, and how you can begin embarking on the journey to waking up to yourself in the weeks ahead.

See you inside…

What You Learn:

  • The journey I took of introspection and facing my trauma to wake up to myself
  • The questions you can ask yourself to start your own journey
  • How it’s never too late to wake up to yourself, and you are not alone in the process
  • Some resources for sharing and healing with others through a community of like-minded women!

Featured on the Show:

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