Taking a Bath Can Be Both Healing and Stress Relieving


Taking a Bath Can Be Both Healing and Stress Relieving

by Anita Charlot

Listen to Taking a Bath Can Be Both Healing and Stress Relieving:

Can it be that simple? Reducing stress by taking a bath? Does this have anything to do with leadership?


Since I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do was to take a bath. My mom would pour Mr. Bubbles into the tub when we had it or dishwashing liquid when we didn’t. It was all the same to me as a kid. As long as there were bubbles and more hot water, there was endless playtime. Barbie dolls, cups, towels, baby dolls, you name it. If it floated, it was considered a bath toy.

Fast forward to being a single mother, and bathtime became mommy’s time. It was my private oasis, my sanctuary. The only place where I could have silence for an extended amount of time. Throw on a movie and tell the boys it was ‘mommy time’ and then allow Calgon to take me away.

Well, life became increasingly more challenging for me with work, school, running a small business, being a single mom, friend, and girlfriend, and bath time became a rarity. I had completely forgotten about the joys of bathtime.

As stress continued to build, I no longer took the time to take a bath. Showers were quicker and wasted less water.

So if you want to know what taking a bath has to do with leadership, tune in to the episode.

See you inside…

What You Learn:

  • How taking a bath can cleanse you in unexpected ways
  • The importance of water in spiritual healing 
  • That bathtime can and should be a sacred space for you to realign and become a more conscious leader
  • My tried and true body-affirming bath recipe to help you heal and feel your best!

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