Are You Ready for an Exceptional EA?


Are You Ready for an Exceptional EA?

by Anita Charlot

Listen to Are You Ready for an Exceptional EA?:

As a woman in leadership, how many of the executive assistants have you hired that brought more to the table than you initially expected? Did they possess a natural ability to see things that you could not see, either because you were too focused on more strategic responsibilities or too busy making up for the lack of talent of prior EAs? How many of your EAs were willing to tell you no, or push back when an idea you had was not efficient, if it was duplicitous, or not leading you or your company in a direction you stated you wanted to go?

If you answered ‘not one’, well, that stops today.

Inside this episode, I will save you time, money and frustration by sharing the number one thing that you need to have before you consider hiring, or firing your next executive assistant. You want to make sure that you are hiring the right person for the job versus hiring quickly and then having to fire and start the hiring process all over again, right? I know you do.

So keep listening, and let’s see if you are honestly ready to hire an exceptional executive assistant or if you still have some personal work to do.

Do you feel like you’re always running? Like you can’t find time for the simplest things like self-care, grooming, or even quality time with your partner? Of course, you do! As an executive woman with purpose and on a mission, you might feel like this all of the time. Your schedule is packed, and let’s face it, you have no energy for the things that matter most to you or your partner because you are putting energy into all of your other responsibilities. I know you do this because I am guilty of doing it as well. Several years ago when I realized that I didn’t have enough time for self-care or a relationship, I decided to determine where all of my energy was going. I created an energy wheel and followed a process that allowed me to see exactly where I was spending my energy. Once I knew where the energy was going, I gave myself permission to determine what really needed my attention, what I could cut back on, and what I could get rid of, if not forever, at least for the time being. And that’s what I want to give you, the gift of clarity with a side of permission. Follow this link to my free relationship energy wheel course and worksheet, and stop feeling like you’re all over the place. Reclaim your time and your energy today.

What You Learn:

  • My history in executive assistant positions, the military, and why I’m qualified to speak on this topic
  • Why you need to get your priorities straight in order to hire the correct executive assistant
  • How to attract and maintain the right level of support by asking yourself the right questions
  • My secret to hiring the perfect EA for you!

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