Transferable Military Skills for Executive Support Positions


Transferable Military Skills for Executive Support Positions

by Anita Charlot

Listen to Transferable Military Skills for Executive Support Positions:

At your level, you require an efficient and effective support system. Anyone can look nice on paper, present, and speak well during an interview, but it is the potential that they have to truly serve as your right hand that you want to identify before actually hiring them.

In the last episode, I posed several introspective questions to help you identify whether you were really ready for an exceptional executive assistant. I’m using the term executive assistant, but these requirements are helpful for any support staff member regardless of their title.

If you haven’t listened to that episode, click here to listen now. It will save you a lot of headaches in your search and provide you with questions that will help you identify on your own what you need to do as an executive to prepare and what you need to look for in your executive assistant. The connection you have with the person who will support you should be looked at in the same light, as if you were looking for a serious relationship. You should be clear on your needs and wants and have a good idea of what that person looks, sounds and feels like, energetically of course.

This episode will share how I helped heal the relationship between a CTO client and her executive assistant. While each person, industry, and position may be different, the relationship between you and your support system is still the same that have a serious relationship.

See you inside the episode.

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What You Learn:

  • How to identify what YOU really need in an assistant
  • What a bad hire will cost you financially, mentally, etc.
  • Skills that we teach in army training that are desirable qualities in support roles
  • How to get a clear understanding before seeking to hire or possibly firing an EA

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