Candid Conversations with Phenomenal Executive Women: Joy Acaso


Candid Conversations with Phenomenal Executive Women: Joy Acaso

by Anita Charlot

Listen to Candid Conversations with Phenomenal Executive Women: Joy Acaso:

Hello, beautiful! Join us today on the podcast for a candid conversation with the phenomenal Joy Acaso!

For the longest time, Joy didn’t truly know life outside of her family, cousins, and school friends. She was born in the Philippines where her day-to-day consisted of going to school and learning about the rest of the world only in books.

At the age of 15, her family moved from her hometown of a few thousand people to Hialeah, FL.

Imagine that!

Little did she know that her eyes were about to be opened WIDE and her heart to start bursting in PURE wonder.

Joy has made South Florida her home since then! She appreciates the life that she and her husband are building together with their children. She is fascinated by the diverse cultures that surround her every day.

In her practice as an Anxiety Support Coach and Family Therapist, Joy values the integrity and uniqueness of every family and individual she meets. She puts awe and curiosity at the forefront because she knows that “one-size-fits-all” can never bring healing.

Joy has made it her mission to spread awareness by utilizing therapy and coaching as a means of helping families bond closer and make their mental health their priority.

See you inside the episode…

What You Learn:

  • Joy’s personal journey that led her to creating her own business
  • The importance of looking at the whole person and thinking holistically
  • A bit of neuroscience and about Joy’s time at the HeartMath Institute
  • How to reach out to Joy and what service’s she provides!

Featured on the Show:

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