In Honor of Mother’s Day


In Honor of Mother’s Day

by Anita Charlot

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It’s funny how as you continue to – we’ll say get wiser instead of get older – but it’s funny how when you start to look back, and you remember things from your childhood, you remember interactions with your parents, that the things that bothered you so much in the past, you start to understand why they happened.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you agree with them or that they were okay, whatever they were, there could have been some instances that were negative, but you start to understand why.

If you really look at it with an eye of compassion, then you begin to see why your parents made the decisions that they made, even when they were not necessarily favorable for you or to you at that time.

So in this episode, I’ve decided to share with you a tribute that I made to my mom, maybe about three weeks ago, I posted this on LinkedIn and social media because I just want it, I guess, to memorialize what she’s meant to me. And so I’ve put it in writing. Now I’m putting it in a recording, and I am sharing it with you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers.

See you inside the episode…

What You Learn:

  • The significance of the qualities we received from our mothers
  • How you can start to perceive and understand your interactions with your parents in a new light
  • The importance of learning from a lifetime of personal experiences, both positive and negative
  • Happy Mother’s Day to every mother from the Happy Executive Woman family!

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