How to Manage End-of-Year Planning and Overwhelm


How to Manage End-of-Year Planning and Overwhelm

by Anita Charlot

Listen to How to Manage End-of-Year Planning and Overwhelm:

It’s that time of year again. Staff evaluations, end of year reporting, fundraisers for your various organizations, board meetings, strategic planning, employee reviews, merit increases, bonuses, and the whole host of other holiday related responsibilities.

You’re right in the middle of it and are completely overwhelmed.

I know you are. I’ve been there too.

I am no longer willing to go through December dreading the months’ responsibilities at this stage in my life. I’ve created a space in which I am now able to get things done within a limited timeframe with limited resources. I’ve also figured out how to do it without driving myself, my team, or my family crazy.

In this episode, I will share an easy process for wrapping up the current year’s responsibilities while preparing for the new year in both your personal and professional lives. I hope you find something in this episode that helps you breathe a little easier, and stress a little less. If you want my help in figuring out how to get it all done with less stress, block time on my calendar soon at The sooner we talk, the faster you can get things done.

Don’t forget to download your free copy of my End-of-Year Planning Template. The link is below.

See you inside the episode.

What You Learn:

  • How to organize your end-of-year tasks in order to streamline completing your projects
  • Deligating the work so you are not doing everything by yourself
  • Easy ways to involve the family and ask for help either virtually or in-person
  • More about the Executive Relationship Mastermind Group and why it may be the perfect sisterhood for you!

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