Why Executive Women are Hesitant About Returning to the Office


Why Executive Women are Hesitant About Returning to the Office

by Anita Charlot

Listen to Why Executive Women are Hesitant About Returning to the Office:

It wasn’t until we began working from home full time that I realized just how stressful and overstimulating getting to work was for me and the joys of work-life balance. Working New York hours meant that during certain times of the year I will be leaving for work in the dark.

This presented an additional set of angst to push through. The constant looking over my shoulder for safety reasons, not just from people, but from the neighborhood raccoons as well. Add in the additional stress of riding the train into the subway than having to walk to work in the dark with all of the noise, the rush of people, the speeding cars, and sirens, I was a nervous wreck by the time I reached the office.

What about you? Did you have to leave for work in the dark? Drop off kids to daycare? Miss time with your significant other due to long travel times? Have to leave for work two hours before start time just to beat traffic? Were you as stressed as I was? Did it affect your health?

Join me in today’s podcast as I share several reasons why Executive Women are hesitant about returning to the office, and what you can do to possibly minimize your stress if you do decide to return.

What You Learn:

  • That if you think heading into an office is stressful, you’re not alone!
  • What to do if you’re dreading going back into the office
  • How to balance your work and home life if going back to the office is essential for you
  • The benefits of having a group of like-minded women to support you through the Happy Executive Woman Mastermind Program!

Featured on the Show:

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