Healing Corporate America


Healing Corporate America

by Anita Charlot

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Before leaving to go to Cabo, I was in a transformational space related to my focus on the business and the podcast. I was overwhelmed with the energy of multi-generational trauma, feeling it deeply as an empath and not knowing what I wanted to do with it all.

It was time for a year in review.

I typically do this in my business at the end of the year. However, as the energy of the world continues to shift, there has been a shift in my spirit as well.

There is healing that needs to take place. What can I say? Shift Happens.

Join me inside the episode as I share the new direction of the business and what I see as my place and my purpose in the world.

See you inside.

What You Learn:

  • The biggest issue that has been on my heart and mind this year
  • How I’m shifting my business and where I’m going from here
  • What I’m offering as far as business and personal coaching to reach out and heal corporate America
  • That it’s time to heal from corporate trauma, increase your confidence, and activate your privilege

Featured on the Show:

Episode Transcript

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