Healing Corporate America is a Marathon, Not a Sprint


Healing Corporate America is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

by Anita Charlot

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When the idea of healing corporate America came into my spirit, I questioned it. Each time it came up, I doubted it. On the one hand, I knew that if anyone could do it, I could… but on the other hand, I also realized that healing corporate America as a whole would not be accomplished in my lifetime. I questioned, if ever!

So why embark upon the journey knowing that I would never make it to the finish line?

Tune into the episode, where you get to hear the answer to this question, and also how you as a leader can step into conscious leadership.

See you on the inside…

What You Learn:

  • That running a successful business means preparing your mind, body, and soul
  • Why I embarked on this nearly impossible journey to heal corporate America
  • Four ways a Black or Brown mentor can walk you through your journey to conscious leadership
  • That healing corporate America may not happen in my lifetime, but I will still speak up!

Featured on the Show:


As an Executive Coach for Women, Professional Speaker, Corporate Metaphysician™, Author of The 5 Phases of Dating – The Grown-Ass Woman’s Guide to Attracting and Maintaining Authentic Relationships, and the Creator of The Happy Executive Woman™…

Anita teaches women of color how to heal from past relationships and corporate trauma, increase their confidence and improve their leadership skills.

She is a board member of the Women Impact Network and Women In Technology, where she focuses on coordinating and creating professional development training for the members.

Anita also coaches White allies on how to ACTivate Your Privilege!™ and is hired to speak and train as The Corporate Metaphysician™ at organizations willing to begin reversing corporate America’s trauma by taking an honest look at their “unconscious DEI efforts,” all using practical and metaphysical concepts.

Recently featured in…

  • ValientCEO Magazine!
  • Speaker’s Magazine

For all coaching, media, or consulting inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact Anita at https://anitacharlot.com/contact.

To learn more about how to partner with Anita, go to https://anitacharlot.com/services.

To join the waiting list for the upcoming For My Black and Brown Sisters monthly membership community, go to bit.ly/formyblackandbrownsisters

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