Candid Conversations with Phenomenal Executive Women: Alycia Huston


Candid Conversations with Phenomenal Executive Women: Alycia Huston

by Anita Charlot

Listen to Candid Conversations with Phenomenal Executive Women: Alycia Huston:

Hello beautiful listeners. This week on the show, we have an incredible conversation with Alycia Huston. 

Alycia Huston is a certified NeuroLeadership coach, consultant, and international speaker. She honed her craft as a female biotech founder in San Diego, and after a decade of implementing growth strategies and leading a high-performance culture, sold the venture in 2014. 

She now incorporates her 20+ years of experience in neuroscience, communication, and empathy to develop, restructure and support business owners, companies, and corporations in developing a culture of belonging through her company, The Culture Cru. She is skilled in business management, including starting new businesses, acquisitions, and consulting with existing businesses.

Take a listen to our candid conversation about Alycia, her neuro nuggets, and her hard work behind her company, The Culture Cru.

See you inside the episode!

What You Learn:

  • Alycia’s journey through studying biology to CEO of her own company
  • How Alycia balanced her work, home, and love life while starting her company
  • Alycia’s tips for how to improve your work-home balance
  • What you need to make your business thrive from a former executive, CEO, and COO!

Featured on the Show:

Episode Transcript

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