Beyond February: Championing Year-Round Advocacy for Black History and Accomplishments


Beyond February: Championing Year-Round Advocacy for Black History and Accomplishments

by Anita Charlot

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As February winds down, it’s a good moment to remember that the conversations and celebrations around Black History Month shouldn’t just stop because the month does.

It’s been great to see leaders and communities unite to shine a light on Black achievements in history, but let’s be honest. These stories and truths matter all year, not just in February.

Keeping that momentum going and ensuring these meaningful discussions continue throughout the year is crucial.

So in today’s episode, I want to talk to you about how we can do just that and ensure the spotlight on Black History and accomplishments keeps shining bright 365 days a year. Otherwise, you’re just doing that thing again, simply checking a DEI box for the year.

See you inside…

What You Learn:

  • The Black community’s accomplishments, history, and needs deserve to be recognized and advocated for all year round, not confined to just one month
  • Continued advocacy ensures that the momentum built during Black History Month propels us forward
  • As a leaders, you have the platform and influence to ensure that the momentum of Black History Month is not just a moment but a movement that continues throughout the year
  • What’s up next for the “Did You Know…” Newsletter and Happy Executive Woman Podcast in March

Featured on the Show:

Anita Charlot, an esteemed ForbesBLK personality and Global Woman Award Nominee is a visionary retention strategist in corporate America. With a rich background as a military veteran and the founder of Relationship Architect Academy LLC, Anita is renowned for her R.E.A.L. Talk Conversation series, honored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

She transforms corporate cultures, fosters individual and collective growth, and crafting compassionate leaders.

Anita’s innovative approach is encapsulated in her mantra, “They lied to you; business IS personal.”

Committed to reviving the familial bond within workplaces, she aims to make companies a legacy for families, where employees passionately engage in their growth and development.

Anita is dedicated to bringing love back to the workplace, ensuring companies are not just a career choice but a cherished part of personal and family history.

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