Candid Conversations with Phenomenal Executive Women: Afya Evans


Candid Conversations with Phenomenal Executive Women: Afya Evans

by Anita Charlot

Listen to Candid Conversations with Phenomenal Executive Women: Afya Evans:

Hello, beautiful listeners! This week on the pod, we are having a candid conversation with the phenomenal Afya Evans.

Afya Evans is the Owner and CEO of AFYA Enterprises, LLC and The AFYA Spot -Executive Coaching and Style Studio. As an Executive Coach and Stylist, Afya curates highly engaging presentations, portfolios, brand images, and wardrobe styles for professionals toward MAXIMUM IMPACT in their industry.

She doesn’t just put outfits together; she puts YOU together.

Afya’s executive packages help clients command every physical, virtual, or ideological space they step into. From resumes to roundtables to the red carpet, Afya has you covered. Also known as the “The Olivia Pope of Executive Presence,” Afya is a strategist and political analyst turned modern modiste. She speaks on the importance of confidence and is the author of Does This Mindset Make Me Look Fat?: A No-nonsense Guide to Reclaiming Your Health, Wealth & Most Fabulous Self.

Afya has studied under world-renowned stylists and image experts. She skillfully applies cross-cultural communication, color theory, executive presence, and fashion psychology principles to her work. She earned a Post-Graduate Certificate in Executive Leadership from Cornell University and has a Master’s degree in International Relations from Troy University Afya describes herself as a God girl, a certified shoe addict, and an avid traveler. Her goal and business mantra are to help her clients “Turn Heads, Blow Minds, and Change Lives.” Every. Single. Time.

What You Learn:

  • The difference between fashion, style, and image
  • How style and the psychology behind it have changed during the pandemic
  • The importance of knowing yourself, your color palette, and using that knowledge cultivating your personal style
  • All about The AFYA Spot and what services she offers as an Executive Coach

Featured on the Show:

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