10 Things to Help Conscious Leaders Create an Inclusive and Equitable Workplace


10 Things to Help Conscious Leaders Create an Inclusive and Equitable Workplace

by Anita Charlot

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Creating an inclusive and equitable workplace requires a manager to consciously, thoughtfully, and culturally sensitively approach Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts.

In today’s fast-evolving business environment, creating an inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplace
is more critical than ever before. It’s not merely about ticking off a checklist but about fostering a culture that values the unique experiences and perspectives of all individuals within an organization.

This week’s episode delves into the essential principles for consciously and thoughtfully approaching Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). From educating oneself about different cultures and histories to fostering a culture of belonging and challenging inherent biases, these principles guide managers in creating workplaces where everyone can thrive.

Additionally, I will share tips on diversifying recruitment and promotion practices, addressing power dynamics, collaborating with Employee Resource and Grassroots Groups (ERGs), and holding the organization accountable for DEI initiatives. I will also emphasize the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in the ever-evolving journey toward inclusivity.

Are you an executive or an aspiring conscious leader? Or maybe you are a woman of color looking to heal from corporate trauma? Dive into this episode to learn more about how I can support your journey.

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What You Learn:

  • The importance of creating a culture of belonging, where everyone feels valued, respected, and included
  • How to hold yourself and your organization accountable for DEI initiatives as a conscious leader
  • 10 Practices to create an Inclusive and Equitable workplace
  • How to reach out to me to help you in your DEI journey!

Featured on the Show:

Anita Charlot, the Corporate Metaphysician™, consults and advises businesses and organizations in exploring the deeper philosophical questions related to their purpose, values, and impact on society.
She helps leaders at socially conscious organizations develop a more holistic understanding of their place in the world by using real-world, metaphysical, and philosophical principles to guide decision-making processes that help businesses align their actions with stated values related to matters specific to their Black and Brown employees.
She is also hired by Powerful Women of Color looking to heal from corporate trauma, and thrive professionally, no matter what type of work environment they are in.

**New Book Alert** Coming later this year, “Doing DEI the Right Way…Not the White Way!”


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