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The show for the woman who is a decision-maker, leader in her industry, business, family, and community.

Are you feeling too tired for love, burned out from all of your responsibilities, undervalued, unappreciated, and overwhelmed?

While you’re not necessarily looking to slow down, you desire a life filled with more grace and ease.

Join Anita Charlot, Executive Relationship Coach for Women, as she shares how to be happy in both business and in love.

Brace yourself for real-life examples of love, liberation, and transformation to help you navigate your work, home, and love life with confidence and calm, all while being in command of your emotions.

Episodes are released each Wednesday.

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recent episodes

Candid Conversations with Phenomenal Executive Women: Ashley Smith

Hello, beautiful! This week on the show, we have the incredible and phenomenal woman, Ashley Smith.
Her heart extends to women who have conformed to societal expectations which have crippled their ability to strive for excellence over perfection.
From corporate leadership development to shelters for underprivileged women, Ashley is building a strong foundation in what it means to be self-confident while leaving a footprint of hope for women from all walks of life!

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In Honor of Mother’s Day

In this episode, I’ve decided to share with you a tribute that I made to my mom, maybe about three weeks ago, I posted this on LinkedIn and social media because I just want it, I guess, to memorialize what she’s meant to me. And so I’ve put it in writing. Now I’m putting it in a recording, and I am sharing it with you. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers. See you inside the episode…

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Finding (Then Using) Your Voice in the Corporate Arena

Has this happened to you? You know exactly what you want to say in your own way, but you hesitate and frantically search your mind for the more soft or corporately acceptable words to get your point across, only to sound like a babbling fool. It used to happen quite often. Now that I have found my authentic voice and have become comfortable using it, I want to share what I think you must do the same.

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