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The show for the woman who is a decision-maker, leader in her industry, business, family, and community.

Are you feeling too tired for love, burned out from all of your responsibilities, undervalued, unappreciated, and overwhelmed?

While you’re not necessarily looking to slow down, you desire a life filled with more grace and ease.

Join Anita Charlot, Executive Relationship Coach for Women, as she shares how to be happy in both business and in love.

Brace yourself for real-life examples of love, liberation, and transformation to help you navigate your work, home, and love life with confidence and calm, all while being in command of your emotions.

Episodes are released each Wednesday.

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recent episodes

Candid Conversations with Phenomenal Executive Women and Menopause Series Part 4: The Wisdom of Menopause with Kerry McKee

I could not have asked for a better close to this month’s theme on menopause than with this month’s candid conversation guest, Kerry McKee. Kerry McKee, LCSW, is a psychotherapist and rites of passage guide who lives & works in the Santa Cruz mountains of northern California, the unceded lands of the Amah Mutsun people. Her medicine basket of psychological tools & creativity includes EMDR, IFS, somatic psychotherapy, mindfulness meditation, non-dual inquiry, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), eco-therapy, depth psychology, and creating ritual. She loves helping other humans come home to the wholeness of their Self, and the wholeness of the living system of life. From the moment we first connected we realized we shared a common goal. Join Kerry and I as we have a real conversation about menopause as a rites of passage and her upcoming programs to help guide women through it. See you inside the episode.

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Executive Women and Menopause Series: Part 3, Dating, Marriage, and the Menopause Journey

Prepare to be surprised, shocked and ultimately more informed on these topics like never before. Download this episode right now. No, seriously, stop what you’re doing and download the show notes. Follow the links and share, share, share this episode!
It’s time to stop the cycle. It’s time to end the miseducation. It’s time to take back our power as women and for how we are perceived during the most magical time in our lives. And it’s time to start making better choices. See you inside the episode.

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Executive Women and Menopause Series: Part 2, The Spiritual, Mental, and Emotional Aspects of Menopause

So if you haven’t listened to the first episode in the series, you will definitely want to pause this one and go back to Episode 15, which is my personal journey, and you want to listen to that one first. As a reminder, October is National Menopause Month, and I’m so, so excited about it! Because of that, I’m dedicating four episodes this month specifically to this topic. This episode is a bit meaty, some might even call it ‘woo-woo’, but it is definitely informative. I would suggest you download this episode so that you have it handy to listen to at any time. Looking forward to sharing my metaphysical side with you. See you inside the episode.This is my personal journey of struggling to understand myself, and what was happening to my body.

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Executive Women and Menopause Series: Part 1, My Menopause Journey

Hello there, and welcome to National Menopause Month. October happens to be the month for several different things, and throughout the years I’ve celebrated the different things that meant something to me in my life. And so this year, menopause is right up there, so that is what I’m going to dedicate October’s episodes to. So this first episode is going to be my personal story. We’re going to begin with a replay of episode number five, which was titled Executive Women and Menopause.
This is my personal journey of struggling to understand myself, and what was happening to my body.

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